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It is our passion to help your company become data-driven and evolve innovation. Maintaining a competitive edge through usage of blockchain technology, predictive data science, making informed decisions with the help of machine learning and artifical business intelligence.
Data is our beating heart and flows in our veins. We support you to transition your business model to a smarter, data-driven organisation. We develop and implement data architecture, from Data Lakes to Data Warehousing. We manage predictive algorithms which analyse your business processes and visualise the information, right when and where you need it.

blockforge is our Brand to market distributed legder technology. 

We <3 data

Data is trivia unless you add insight. We love data and help you understand the value within.

Business Solutions

We’ll help you discover the hidden potential in your Data Lake, through transparent, standardized processes.

AI Ready

We bring data into context and combine insights with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Data Integration

We help you integrate data between databases, applications through cloud or on-premise solutions.


Data can be as complex as your individual Scenario. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule a meeting. We are sure we will love your data as well.

Our Solutions

venturemedia is a team of data proficient developers, translating data-driven projects into action. We can not only help you develop a vision for turning your Data Lake from trivia to valuable Assets, but manage the whole process as a Project.

Blockchain Technology?

We deeply believe in Blockchain Technology as the next big evolution in Technology. Ask us about it.

Predictive Forecasting Model

We can help you implement predictive Algorithms forecasting Customer behaviour, for example churn rate or possibility of return shipment.

Spare time?

We love fishing in data lakes. We even go for a full-gear dive from time to time.

Our Contacts

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